“Fiddler’s Green”

Just finished my newest painting. The lyrics to the Tragically Hip’s song sang to me as I completed this piece and I feel the need to post the lyrics.

“Fiddler’s Green”

September seventeen
For a girl I know it’s Mother’s Day
Her son has gone alee
And that’s where he will stay
The wind on the weathervane
Tearing blue eyes sailor mean
As Falstaff sings a sorrowful refrain
For a boy in Fiddler’s Green

His tiny knotted heart
Well, I guess it never worked to good
The timber tore apart
And the water gorged the wood
You can hear her whispered prayer
For men at masts that always lean
The same wind that moves her hair
Moves her boy through Fiddler’s Green

Nothing’s changed anyway
Nothing’s changed anyway
Any time today

He doesn’t know a soul
There’s nowhere that he’s really been
But he won’t travel long alone
No, not in Fiddler’s Green
Balloons all filled with rain
As children’s eyes turn sleepy mean
And Falstaff sings a sorrowful refrain
For a boy in Fiddler’s Green

100 “LIKES” on Facebook

Yesterday I noticed that I was at 101 “Likes” on Facebook. I felt amazing. I know its small compared to other sites and pages but for me it is a big freakin deal. To celebrate, I awarded my 100th “Like” victim $100 off their next painting..any painting not on the SKNAC site…any time they want to use it. To thank everyone else that has supported me and continues to follow me, I will be taking $100 off the price of my next painting sold. I appreciate each and every person who has shown interest in what I am doing. You all have no idea what you mean to me!

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