“Reaper in Rome”

18x24 oil on exhibition canvas 18×24 oil on exhibition canvas[/caption

I spent the entire day in my studio and came up with this piece. This is a taken from a picture I shot in Rome and done with an acrylic palette knife application as an under coat then finished with oils. I remember seeing this Romani man sitting by himself and being moved by how alone he looked. Despite the heat he was layered in thick coats and oversized pants, closed in on himself and looking like he didn’t notice anyone or anything around him.

I observed this a few times on my trip to Italy but it was more prominent in Rome. Perhaps it is the huge crowds that fill the tiny streets that made me notice it, but I found so many people either totally in love and absorbed in one another or so utterly alone, wrapped in their own personal grief, that they could have been the only people on earth.

I identify with my Romani Reaper a great deal since the recent sudden death of my father. I understand that kind of grief. I understand that many many many people have gone through what I am going through but I also feel completely alone. no two people experience their grief quite the same. The weirdest thing is that life continues on around you like nothing has happened and you are forced to stumble around in a haze of unreality, trying to relearn how to live.

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