A Job Well Done



I realized that I had not posted a picture of the finished refurbished mural that I installed on Sunday. There she is, before and after, isn’t she lovely? This mural and I have gotten to know each other very well over the last few months and I have developed a great respect for the original artist Gus Froese. His plan was perfect, his execution romantic, the finished product was a perfect representation of our town history. I hope I did it justice.



“Dandelion” is a 20×16 Oil paint on Exhibition Canvas. I’ve been planning this painting for a could years and just haven’t gotten around to painting it. My cousin likes to find models for me sometimes and this is taken from one of the photographs she took for me. Dandelion is understated and simple. The colors are warm and inviting. I feel happy, whimsical, and young when I look at it. When I was very little I believed I could make a wish and blow on a dandelion. Each of the little seeds that took to the breeze carried my wish with them looking for a way to make it come true.  

“Olivia II”

Olivia II

With my Mural completed and installed just last Sunday, I have found myself in a large, bright, lovely Art Studio. I have had 4 paintings drawn out and ready to go for some time now so I am hitting them hard with Oil paint and hoping for the best. This painting, “Olivia II”, is a complement to a painting I did named simply “Olivia” from a few years ago. Both paintings have the same subject, head facing the same direction, and both are very calm and relaxed. “Olivia II” is a more mature young woman with a mind full of travel, love, and graduation. Olivia is so pleasant to paint and was just what I needed to cleanse the pallet. I am happy to fall back into Portrait Painting for a bit before my winter exhibitions.