Prairie Yoga

I have never painted a successful Watercolor Portrait before. I took on a commission from a friend of mine to represent her as well as a symbol from a dream she had over a year ago. She had a drawing from this dream so I had something to work from but I was a bit … More Prairie Yoga


“Lucca”. I had a really hard time naming this painting. I wanted a title that told a story about who these men hidden in the shadow of a door were and what they were doing. In the end, there were too many possible stories to sum up with a creative or clever title so I … More Lucca

Jazz Strada

“Jazz Strada”, an ambitious piece. While staring at Michelangelo’s all around Italy in May, I admired paintings that had a number of figures artfully scattered across the canvas. I have only ever painted one, maybe two, figured together in a piece before. This was a challenge I set for myself. This will not be the … More Jazz Strada