“Old Door To A New World”

20x30 oil on slim canvas 2015

20×30 oil on slim canvas 2015

“Old Door To A New World” is taken from a photo series I did in 2014 in an old forgotten house down the road from the farm my husband grew up on. The walls are peeling, the doorways are no longer straight. The flooring has rotten and is rolling up off the plywood floors. It’s gorgeous.

The painting is named for the mystery room that you can glimpse through the open doorway.

☺️-this happy face is from my daughter Willow. She thought this post needed one. Now that is is here she is very pleased. Happy May Long Weekend everyone!


18x30 oil on canvas 2016

18×30 oil on canvas 2016

“Picnic” is a throw back to a photoshoot I did with my nieces Keeley and Maddie a couple summers ago. These kids are just too cute and so easy to paint. I fell in love with their sweet smiles and the lovely warm colors in this picture. I’ve been meaning to paint it for a long long time but was caught up in my Italian Series. Now that it’s spring I am feeling like getting back to a more prairie themed pieces once more. It’s my home and I am always finding inspiration here.