“Lesidhe” 24×30 oil on cradle board painted in 2017. $1380

The Lesidhe (pronounced Lay-Shee), govern the forests. They are most active at dawn and dusk. They are able to move quickly, change shape, be a breeze that rises on a calm day, a scent of flowers where no flowers grow. As the keepers of the forest, the Lesidhe are always disguised in the foliage. Proceed with great care as you enter the forest and wait until you sense their movement in the trees. If you see foliage that seems to be moving when all around it is still – you are probably seeing a Lesidhe. While we can’t predict how they will behave, as all wee folk are staunchly independent, if you share your home with them, are kind and respectful, we find the Lesidhe to be welcomed house guests.

No matter how long abandoned, these homes still hold much glamour.

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