“Lesidhe” 24×30 oil on cradle board painted in 2017. $1380 The Lesidhe (pronounced Lay-Shee), govern the forests. They are most active at dawn and dusk. They are able to move quickly, change shape, be a breeze that rises on a calm day, a scent of flowers where no flowers grow. As the keepers of the … More Lesidhe


“Dryad” is 24×30 oil on cradle board painted in 2017. Priced at $1380. AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT THE BOHEME GALLERY, SASKATOON Dryads are Greek tree spirits whos life are connected to the tree they care for. If the tree is destroyed by humans, the gods will dole out terrible punishment to the offenders.  Dryads are specifically … More Dryad

The Morning Paper

    The Morning Paper was the hardest painting to name EVER. I asked a few friends for help but even together we couldn’t quite find a title that covered what I felt about this piece AND  left it open enough that any viewer could interpret it in their own way. I didn’t want this painting … More The Morning Paper