24x30 oil on exhibition canvas 2015

24×30 oil on exhibition canvas 2015

Riomaggiore, one of my stops in Cinque Terre while visiting Italy in 2014. I have been waiting to find the time to complete this piece for a long, long time. Painting buildings is hard for me. Not because it is technically difficult but because it is so restricting. I enjoy the freedom when painting portraits and landscapes. When painting buildings, your lines must be exact to get the perspective right. It needs to be clean and well thought out. I spent months just drawing this painting out to make sure I had a strong foundation.

I love the colors, I love the moody sky. I love the beautiful grey church with its lovely details. I am so pleased with this painting.

I am even more pleased that I am done painting it!



“Lucca”. I had a really hard time naming this painting. I wanted a title that told a story about who these men hidden in the shadow of a door were and what they were doing. In the end, there were too many possible stories to sum up with a creative or clever title so I named it simply “Lucca”.

I LOVED Lucca. Lucca is the birth place of Puccini and right down the street from this wall is a church that has been dedicated to hosting nightly Puccini mini concerts (for more information on this check out their site at http://puccinielasualucca.com/). Lucca was full of amazing shopping, bicycles, and truffles.



24×30 Oil on Exhibition Canvas, this painting entitled “Manarola” has possibly been my most ambitious piece this year. I don’t normally paint so many buildings, I’m a portrait painter by trade, but the colors and lines of the buildings and landscapes throughout Italy inspired me to attack this subject matter. I’m pretty in love with this painting.



Just finished my second Watercolor piece from what is turning into a full “Italy” Series. The frame is a loaner, I mostly just wanted to keep the piece protected until I could do something with it. I’m pretty darn happy with it. Watercolor is so different from Oil. I spend so much of my time plotting and drawing and blocking in dark colors. I feel that the final product looks both sharper than my usual work and also looser. This will definitely be something to see in person either at Sundog, Saskatoon or Wintergreen, Regina this winter.

“Canals of Venice”

Canals of VeniceThis lovely 23×31 watercolor painting of a canal I fell in love with in Venice is actually my first real attempt at watercolor painting. I’ve been talking about it for years. Buying paint and books about watercolor, talking to masters of the medium, but I have never built up the guts to give it a go. What if I screw it up and I’ve wasted all that paint and paper? What if I fail? Also, trying something new is different and hard and staying in my comfy safe space with oils and acrylic is very nice. It is a lesson about life as much as it is about art. We need to challenge ourselves more often. We need to grow. It’s wonderful how different subjects and mediums can influence one another to create something extraordinary. I’m not saying I am there yet but I’m not going to stand in my own way either. I am happily pleased with this piece. I think I shall attempt a watercolor portrait in the future.