“Against The Current”


“Against The Current” is a 24×36 Oil on Panel Board Original Painting. Painted in 2016 it is priced at $1260.


24x30 oil on exhibition canvas 2015

24×30 oil on exhibition canvas 2015

Riomaggiore, one of my stops in Cinque Terre while visiting Italy in 2014. I have been waiting to find the time to complete this piece for a long, long time. Painting buildings is hard for me. Not because it is technically difficult but because it is so restricting. I enjoy the freedom when painting portraits and landscapes. When painting buildings, your lines must be exact to get the perspective right. It needs to be clean and well thought out. I spent months just drawing this painting out to make sure I had a strong foundation.

I love the colors, I love the moody sky. I love the beautiful grey church with its lovely details. I am so pleased with this painting.

I am even more pleased that I am done painting it!

“Prairie Yoga II”

24x30 oil on exhibition canvas. $925

24×30 oil on exhibition canvas. $925

Back to work! To kick off 2015 I have completed this little bit of fun. I am in love with the dark fall colors and  dramatic contrast. This is the second painting I have done of my lovely model Crissy. Crissy is an amazing yoga teacher and spiritual guide. Strong, lovely, and interesting, this painting compliments its subject with a medium that translates more of an earthy spirit.



24×30 Oil on Exhibition Canvas, this painting entitled “Manarola” has possibly been my most ambitious piece this year. I don’t normally paint so many buildings, I’m a portrait painter by trade, but the colors and lines of the buildings and landscapes throughout Italy inspired me to attack this subject matter. I’m pretty in love with this painting.